Tuesday, June 15, 2010

which types of friendship are you..??

what you know about FRIENDSHIP..??

In my personal opinion..relationship between one,two,or more with someone that we call "friends.."not completing one's life when they do not have a friends. friends are everything..lost lovers can find..lost friends instead hard to find...

FRIENDSHIP can be categorized in several types..

1.ASSOCIATES: friends that only shared common activities..such as..sport,hobby..

2.USEFUL CONTACTS: basically related to work or advancing career,which is FRIENDS that shares information and advise.

3.FAVOR FRIENDS: Friends that help each other in functional manner,not in emotional.

4.FUN FRIENDS : friends that socialized together,but only for fun.this kinds of friendship are not provide an emotional help.

5.HELPMATES : it is a combination between fun and favor friends. They socialized together,and help each other.

6.COMFORTERS: friends that like to help and give emotional support.

7.CONFIDANTS: it is a far friends..that you cant give practical help.just share a personal information about us.

8.SOULMATES: displayed all the elements above.This is such a GOOD FRIENDS,and BEST FRIENDS forever..

*so..which one do you think you are..?? or do you think your friends are..??

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